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Northrop Auditorium "The University of Minnesota...dedicated to the advancement of learning and the search for truth, devoted to the instruction of youth and the welfare of the state,"  the words inscribed above the pillars of Northrop Auditorium on the Twin Cities campus.

Donor Recognition

Celebrating Philanthropy

Private giving has been critical in helping the University of Minnesota transform into a statewide, national, and international center of education, research, and outreach. Recognizing donors is an important way for the University to express its deep gratitude and show supporters how their generosity helps to foster excellence and the drive to discover.

To thank donors for their partnership, the University of Minnesota recognizes donors for their University-wide cumulative lifetime gifts, their future gift commitments, and their annual gift contributions:

Lifetime Giving Recognition: The Presidents Club
Founded in 1963, the Presidents Club recognizes individuals, families, and organizations whose University-wide cumulative giving totals $25,000 or more.

Future Giving Recognition: The Presidents Club Heritage Society
Donors making bequests and other future gifts are recognized as members of the Heritage Society, a part of the Presidents Club.

Annual Giving Recognition
Individuals and families are recognized when their annual household contributions to any University campus or program total $1,000 or more during a calendar year.

Donors are also recognized — or they can recognize someone else — through the naming opportunities available at the University.

Presidents Club
Presidents Club

University-wide Annual Giving Recognition

Naming Opportunities

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