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The Presidents Club: Lifetime and Future Giving Recognition

John statue

A bronze statue of John
Sargent Pillsbury has stood
on Pillsbury Drive in the heart
of the Twin Cities campus
since 1900, celebrating
the University’s first major

Celebrating a Vital Partnership

The University of Minnesota Presidents Club, founded in 1963, recognizes the University’s most generous donors — individuals, families, and organizations — who have taken a leadership role in helping to foster excellence and the drive to discover. Presidents Club donors join a long tradition of giving that started in 1889 with a single gift of $150,000 from John Sargent Pillsbury — businessman, University regent, state senator, and governor. Through the decades, the generosity of Presidents Club members has built scores of needed buildings, provided thousands of students with scholarships, endowed hundreds of faculty chairs and professorships, and launched hundreds of research projects that have improved our lives.

The Presidents Club recognizes University-wide cumulative giving at the levels shown below, including pledges for gifts to be made within five years. Donors making bequests and other future gifts are also recognized as members of the Heritage Society.

Presidents Club Giving Levels:

John Sargent Pillsbury Society: Lifetime gifts or pledges of $10,000,000 +

Builders Society: Lifetime gifts or pledges of $1,000,000 +

Regents Society: Lifetime gifts or pledges of $250,000 +

Trustees Society: Lifetime gifts or pledges of $100,000 +

Chancellors Society: Lifetime gifts or pledges of $25,000 +

Heritage Society: Future gifts

Presidents Club Highlights

Presidents Club members at event

Presidents Club members are welcomed at an event hosted by the University president and leaders of the University community. Other recognition includes:

If preferred, donors may decline public recognition.

For more information about the Presidents Club, please contact Donor Relations at 612-624-3333, 800-775-2187, or

Presidents Club
Presidents Club

University-wide Annual Giving Recognition

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"There is no spot on earth I more prefer to be remembered than on this campus ... there is no factor that can do more for the state and the nation than the University, with its wide open doors ever welcoming all to enter."
~ John Sargent Pillsbury, 1900